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Go Greek!

Being the health buff that Mark is, and whenever he's prepping up for an upcoming competition, just like the one this December, he is very strict when it comes to eating right. And whenever we would go out, he still sees to it that he watches what he eats.

At first I thought we would find it hard to choose on where to eat since there aren't any restos or fast food chains that offer hard-boiled eggs minus the yolk, boiled sweet potatoes, plain oatmeal, tuna soaked in water, or boiled chicken breast fillet without even a pinch of salt..hehe..But thank God there's World Chicken. They offer a variety of dishes that very much suits into Mark's diet.

Last Friday night, before meeting up with some friends, Mark and I decided to have dinner first at Glorietta 4. Knowing that he would opt to eat again at World Chicken, we headed straight to the Food Choices at Level 3. I must say that I also like their dishes, but having to eat the same thing or just having to go to the same resto every time we go out could be annoying at times (haha! sorry Mark ;p).

I was heading towards the very long line to World Chicken, when Mark suggested that we go around the area first to look for something to eat (whew! I just felt a sign of relief! haha!). We stopped at every food chain, but we still can't decid what to eat. We already reached the end of the chain, so Mark just decided to try it out at Go Greek!.

He ordered their Gyro Chicken Platter, and I, being the not-so-adventurous-when-it-comes-to-food type, just decided to order the same. ;p The dish comes with a generous serving of roasted chicken strips on top of pita bread slices, fresh garden salad, and a choice of baked potato wedges or rice.

Gyro Chicken Platter

And for the drinks, Mark had Fruit Magic's Strawberry Yogurt with Vanilla Whey Protein, while I opted for their Melon Shake.

Strawberry Yogurt with Vanilla Whey Protein and Melon Shake

Both of us were really not into Greek cuisine, until after we tried out the dish! We both enjoyed the dinner and we both loved the food. And the next time that we go out, at least I know that there's another resto that we can eat from. :) Good thing Mark decided to 'Go Greek!'. :D

Go Greek! and Fruit Magic
Food Choices, Level 3 Glorietta 4
Ayala Center, Makati City

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