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Fun Sunday with Mark and his Mom

It was 6 in the morning and I was already getting ready to meet with Mark and his mom to watch Pacquiao and Hatton's Fight at SM North. I got there a bit early so I had to wait for them for almost an hour. After eating breakfast, we went straight to Cinema 3.

I got a little bored watching the other fights, that I almost fell asleep haha! :-P And then came the main event, Pacquiao and Hatton's fight. It was really funny because Mark kept on teasing his Mom, who placed a P3000 bet on Hatton because she is not really a Pacquiao fan haha! It was fun hearing everyone shout and cheer, while hearing curses from Mark's mom, each time Pacquiao lands a punch at Hatton. :-P I'm not really a fan of boxing, but I found myself cheering and rejoicing after Manny won! Everyone in the cinema was very happy when Manny won, except of course for Mark's mom hehe..

Mark's mom insisted that she wants to have steak for lunch and kept on saying "daanin ko na lang sa kain para sumaya naman ako", so we had lunch at Burgoo. Mark ordered spinach grilled salmon, fish 'n chips, raspberry cheesecake, and steak for her mom. :-P After lunch, I accompanied them in their sunday grocery routine. :)

I really had a fun Sunday with Mark and his mom. I enjoyed watching the fight, eating tasty food, and laughing with Mark because her mom can't seem to get over the fight haha!

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