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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Kriska Marie. I'm a food lover, cook, baker, cake decorator, aspiring writer, frustrated singer, and a hopeless romantic rolled into one. Welcome to my happy place! :)

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Quick Bites: Khameer and Dough

Waking up right before your alarm goes off can be so annoying, but not if it's because of the smell of freshly-baked khameer from Khameer & Dough!

The Importance of Being Happy in Your Work

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Most of us have to work and our jobs take up a large part of our day. If you are pursuing a career in a particular field, you’ll be working very hard to reach your goals and probably taking your job home with you to a certain degree. If your job is just a way to earn a living, you’ll be working hard but leaving the job behind you when you clock out. In either case, you may be happy and fulfilled, which is what you would want, or may be unsatisfied, which no one wants; so what can you do to make sure you stay happy at work?

Iftar at Channels in Media Rotana

Being the social butterfly that I am NOT, I usually just go out when I'm with Mark. :p And considering our crazy schedules, Saturdays are the only days that we get to go out. That's also the same reason why I accept an invite only if it falls on a Saturday.

How to Bounce Back After Bad Health

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Have you recently suffered from a bout of bad health? Would you do anything to get your life back on track? Are you ready to enjoy a bright and brilliant future? If your answer to these questions is yes, now is the time to take control of your personal well-being. You need to do everything in your power to protect your health and happiness. Otherwise, you could end up in the same painful position as before. If you are struggling to imagine a life filled with happy moments and good health, you will need to pay close attention to the following three tips. They will help you to turn your dreams into a reality.

Dinner at Local in Tryp by Wyndham

Located at Tryp by Wyndham in Barsha Heights, Local is the hotel's main restaurant which offers a fresh, modern vibe. With a "Keep it Real" philosophy, they cater to all palates with their rustic, gastro-pub style menu and drinks.

Quick Bites: Half Kiwi Tegel Chicken from Reddy Roast

I'd been trying to limit my intake of red meat and I'm not very much into fish, so my meal would always consist of boiled or grilled chicken and some boiled or steamed veggies. Yesterday's lunch was a notch higher than my usual meal, as it was from Reddy Roast!

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