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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Kriska Marie. I'm a food lover, cook, baker, cake decorator, aspiring writer, frustrated singer, and a hopeless romantic rolled into one. Welcome to my happy place! :)

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New Menu Items at Max's Restaurant

Max's Restaurant added new items to their menu yet again, and Mark and I were invited to try them out. It was very timely that we are also scheduled for a meet up with our Dubai family who, coincidentally, also chose Max's Restaurant as our lunch venue.

Enjoying The Outdoors Practically: A Must Have Essential For all Outdoor Activities

For an incredible outdoors experience, one of the best things you can possibly have is a great backpack. There are several aspects of an outdoor backpack that you need to consider but one of the most important is its waterproofing capabilities.

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Authentic Italian Fare at Ravioli & Co.

Have you been to Ravioli & Co.?  It's located in Burj Daman in DIFC. They serve authentic Italian dishes. Mark and I got to try it out a couple of weekends back.

Lotus Mega Yacht Brunch Cruise

Mark and I had a little argument so we both started the day without even greeting each other; then off to work we go. Come afternoon, I received a message from him which left me with no choice but to raise the white flag. Apparently he got picked by #ZomatoGold to experience Lovin Dubai's Mega Yacht Brunch on board the Lotus Mega Yacht! Who could resist such invitation, right? Hahaha!

Key Lifestyle Changes To Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Are you trying to shed a heap of weight to get fit for summer or are you simply seeking that elusive six pack? Your habits and routines have the most significant impact on your fitness goals, so consider making some lifestyle changes that will set you on the right course. Below are some key ideas to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Book A Barrel Brunch at L!QD Tapas Bar

If you've been living in Dubai for quite some time, you've probably known by now how brunches are not just a thing but an institution here especially on weekends. Can't believe that I haven't had brunch since 2016! Yes, that long. So I was very excited to finally have it again a couple of weekends back at L!QD.

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