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Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I'm Kriska Marie. I'm a food lover, cook, baker, cake decorator, aspiring writer, frustrated singer, and a hopeless romantic rolled into one. Welcome to my happy place! :)

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Art of Spice Indian Night by Celebrity Chef Sweety Singh

I'd been to the Medley Restaurant before for Iftar, and just a couple of weeks ago, Mark and I were back at Medley to experience their Indian themed night. Dubbed as the "Art of Spice", the theme night offers a buffet spread of authentic Indian dishes with ingredients and flavors inspired by the North Indian region, all curated by the award winning chef Sweety Singh.

Pieces of Advice to Help You Lose Weight

Being overweight and out of shape isn’t a fun way to live and is likely causing you constant angst in your life. Luckily, there are several pieces of advice you should highly consider listening to if you want to lose the weight and keep it off.

It’s not an easy journey and there will be times you’ll feel frustrated or doubt your abilities, but you have to keep going strong and fight through these emotions. Believe you can do it and you’re already halfway there. Take one day at a time, focus on all you’re doing right and what’s going well to help keep yourself motivated.

Asian Food Fix at Wosaki - Wok Salad Kitchen

A relaxed dining venue, Wosaki is a wok and salad kitchen located at Al Karama, Dubai. It is a small kitchen (which I think can house around 20 pax) with modern industrial interiors, communal tables benches, complete with some funky wall accents and murals. You can also witness how your food is made fresh from their open kitchen.

L'eto Caffe in City Walk, Dubai

I've been seeing L'eto Caffe every time we're strolling around the esplanade in City Walk. There's something about their Parisian inspired decors (which are visible from the al fresco dining area) that's so captivating. Glad that I finally got to see it up close when we were invited to try their offerings a few weekends back.

Supporting Your Loved Ones Through Tough Times

Life is hard. Tough times are a part of the course. Everybody goes through a difficult time at some point in their life, whether it be because of heartache, loss, grief, or financial worries, and everybody needs help when they face them. Even your loved ones need support sometimes and it’s down to you to give it to them.

To see how to offer such support, make sure to read on.

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Middle Eastern Fare at Al Maeda

Dubai, being our second home for more than 3 years now, has opened our palates into different cuisines. One of which is the Middle Eastern cuisine which Mark and I have already come to love. That is why we were more than delighted when we got to indulge in an Arabian gastronomic adventure a couple of weeks back at Al Maeda Restaurant.

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