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Claw BBQ Crabshack & Grill

I've never been to the US, but our recent visit to Claw BBQ has somehow made me experience what's it like to be in their bars. Deviating from the upmarket hub of Souk Al Bahar, walking into Claw, complete with the overall southern shack vibe, made me feel like I wasn't in Dubai at all!

Kriska Cooks: Tandoori Chicken Wrap with Garlic Yogurt Sauce

I always prepare Mark's food. And unlike when you can just eat any ordinary food, preparing a healthy dish is, most of the time, more tedious. Good thing there's a nearby grocery store where I can usually get some grilled chicken. It has become one of my life savers. They're the next best healthy food option for Mark, especially in times when I can't cook.

Food Friday #24: Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Ribs

Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Ribs -

Today's Food Friday feature is Sweet and Spicy Chipotle BBQ Ribs by Erin of DelightfulEMade. Suddenly craved for pork when I saw her post! Reminds me of weekend BBQ grillin' with the fambam back home.

How to Keep the Kids Entertained in the Holidays

In some parts of the world, the school holidays are fast approaching–is there ever a time when they are not? It feels like the kids only went back to school last week! As it looms closer, parents, other relatives, family friends (and whoever else can pitch in with the childcare) will be turning their minds to how they will manage to keep the kids entertained.

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This can also be a time where you wonder where you are going to get the money to be able to keep them entertained, as many activities such as trips to the cinema or theme parks can end up costing large sums of money. Therefore, we have rounded up some ideas that you can try out to try and keep your costs fairly low.

1. Look out for vouchers

In the run-up to the holidays, you can be hunting for any deals that pop up related to fun activities for the kids. You might get cheap cinema tickets or tickets to the zoo at massively discounted rates. It might be worth your while signing up with all of the voucher companies that you can find, and most of them will let you set up alerts for certain categories so that you don’t get ones that are completely irrelevant to you.

2. Get the adrenaline pumping

Kids like to fidget, and although all the rage is pointing towards a fidget spinner, it may not cut it. Therefore, if your children are adrenaline junkies and love to be outside, purchase a stunt scooter for them to learn tricks on. Blunt Scooters, are known worldwide; with their decks becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With a Blunt Scooter, you’ll get a solid, well-built scooter which is perfect for a learning scooter rider. Aimed for street and park riders, Blunt is also the leading brand for freestyle scootering. This multifunctional scooter, is, therefore, perfect for impressing your kids. Who knows, their hobby could morph into something much more, and become a future career move. There are many scootering world champions out there, and one day, scootering may become an Olympic sport. Scooters, skates and more, can inspire your children to practice, persevere and strive to become the next best thing.

3. Check out the free museums and local community activities

While they say you don’t get anything for free, they obviously weren’t talking about keeping the kids entertained. There are loads of fun, free museums to visit wherever you are. Search on the Internet to see what is happening near you, and you might be surprised at how many events are available that are completely free of charge. You can also find funded initiatives for many sports camps and similar activities that run locally.

4. Create a list

Having a list of things you can do depending on the weather will help you avoid making last minute decisions. It is usually the last minute decisions that tend to cost the most amount of money, as parents get desperate for ideas. Save up the ‘rainy day’ activities until you truly need them rather than using them all up at once.


Not everything costs money, so be prepared and have a good schedule with backup plans and you might find you can save yourself a lot of money these holidays.

North Indian Food Fair at Chutneys

I have a confession. I used to be part of the bunch of people with wrong perception when it comes Indian food. I always thought that Indian food = spicy-mouth-burning food.

Food Friday #23: Vegetarian Lentil Pie

Vegetarian Lentil Pie -

Today's Food Friday feature is Vegetarian Lentil Pie  by Nicholas of Intelliblog. I haven't tried a veggie pie yet, but this one really looks yummy!

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