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Evenings at Gloria Hotel: Relaxing Spa + Seafood Feast

Behind Dubai's fast-paced advancements are hardworking individuals, that is definitely no doubt. Comprised mostly of expats, who shoved the idea of having to spend time with their family in their homelands just to provide for their needs; they are mostly preoccupied with work allotting only a single day for rest (consider yourself lucky if you get a two-day rest!).

Eat, work, sleep, repeat—same old routine that I'm sure most of us can relate to. But wouldn't it be nice to get to pamper yourself and indulge into a gastronomic feast after a week's worth of hard work? Who wouldn't want that, yeah? That's what Evenings at Gloria Hotel advocates.

Food Friday #7: Best Superfood Salad

Best Superfood Salad -
Today's Food Friday feature is Best Superfood Salad by Emily of Nap Time Creations. I love salads! They're usually served before mains, but I love how they're actually a complete meal on their own. I also have this fasciation for superfood and all its health benefits, so salads and superfood in one dish is something that I'd really be happy digging into! :D

First Time in 13 Years

I'm sure by now your feeds have already been flooded with a lot of pictures of flowers, and here I am, even making a blog post out of it! Haha! I don't intend to annoy you. I just wanna share the story behind the bouquet of roses that I received today. It's probably something new to you.

I have a confession. Mark and I have been together for almost 13 years, but it's the first time today that I received a bouquet from him. Oh, no, don't get me wrong. Mark has been the sweetest. He's been showering me with a lot of gifts for the past years. It's just that, the moment we became together, I initially made myself clear for him not to give me any flowers especially on Valentine's Day.

How to Cook Moist and Tender Chicken Breast

If you are following me on Instagram (Wait, what? You're still not? It's not yet to late, click HERE! Haha!), you've most probably seen #KriskasMealPreps. And I'm sure you've noticed how in most of my meal preps, grilled chicken breast is present. Yup, you bet! Chicken breasts never run out from our fridge. It's what Mark's muscles are made of. Haha!

Food Friday #6: Creamy Deviled Egg Layered Pasta Salad

Creamy Deviled Egg Layered Pasta Salad -

Today's Food Friday feature is Creamy Deviled Egg Layered Pasta Salad by Michelle of A Dish of Daily Life. Eggs, pasta, and salad all in one dish...aaahh! Sounds like a lot of fun!

5 Unique Home-Made Gifts for Your Other Half

Photo by Judy
Has your other half got their birthday coming up, or perhaps an anniversary? Oh, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Have you already thought of what gift to give? If your other half is hard to buy for and you want to give them something different, making them a gift yourself can be a great idea! It’s meaningful and can save you money! Below are just a few ideas on how to get started.

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