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Tried different diet plans but still got that flabs? Spent too much on supplements and gym memberships but still couldn't get the ...

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Casa Pinoy Restaurant in Al Karama

Because of Mark's dietary needs, I always get his approval before I accept invites for restaurant reviews. I need to make sure that the restaurant serves something that's okay for gym buffs like Mark.

But when I knew that Casa Pinoy is serving isaw, which I have been having a huge craving for since we got back to Dubai in January from our vacation in the Philippines, I just immediately had to say yes!

Khaleeji Sweets at Sukkar

Whenever I'm craving some Khaleeji foodLogma always comes to mind. We've tried it a couple of times and have always went home with happy tummies. Located just right next to Logma, is their sister concept, Sukkar. There's a limited seating area (only one table) inside a bakery-like setting; and a laid back al fresco dining area which is perfect during Dubai winter; just not sure I'd be enjoying as much during summer, though.

An Arabic term for sugar, Sukkar specializes in Khaleeji sweets as well as contemporary desserts that are infused with local flavors and ingredients like saffron, rose, karak, and pistachio. Apart from desserts, they also offer specialty shakes and coffee, and hot and cold drinks.

Ramen Night at Umami

It gets really cold at night in Dubai during winter. It is also during this time when my hot soup cravings are at its peak!

It was a cold weekday night and I'm still at work when I suddenly craved something hot. I initially thought of having wonton noodles, but later on had a huge craving for ramen on my way home. I immediately bugged Mark about my cravings, so he went ahead to Burjuman Centre and found Umami.

Workout of the Day: Super Saiyan Workout

How to train like a Super Saiyan? Do the following:

100 Sit-ups
100 Dips
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Tire flips

How may rounds can you do?

How may rounds can you do? #bodybuilding #workout #fitness   


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The Hungry Coach - Super Saiyan Workout

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A Guide to Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Your diet is never more important than when you’re pregnant, but cravings, food aversions and morning sickness can make healthy eating a challenge. As an expectant mother, the foods you eat are your child’s primary source of nourishment, which is why it’s so critical to consume the right vitamins and minerals and avoid potentially harmful bacteria.

Eating well during pregnancy is not about weight loss (in fact, trying to lose weight could be hazardous to you and your baby’s health). However, being mindful of what you eat will help you avoid gaining too much weight and keep conditions like gestational diabetes at bay. With this in mind, here are some top tips for a healthy, prenatal diet.

Hearty Breakfast at The Coffee Club

The Coffee Club Review

Coffee shops have always had a special place in my heart. Back in the Philippines, there's this one coffee place near our home which has become our meeting place every time my friends and I would go out on food trips, night outs, or out of town vacations.

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