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Tried different diet plans but still got that flabs? Spent too much on supplements and gym memberships but still couldn't get the ...

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Camping in a Hot Climate: Here's What You Need

Depending on where you’re going, heat can be a game changer when it comes to camping. While some people might be used to a certain type of climate, camping in scorching hot weather brings a whole new dimension to camping. Here are a few tips for those intending to camp in scorching weather.

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How to Achieve the Perfect Work, Family, and Education Balance

Learning doesn't have to stop once you graduate with a degree. Life is a continuous learning process. I, for one, still have a lot of things to learn especially in the IT field. I've been thinking of going back to school or taking online courses and certifications to enhance my IT knowledge and skills. But more often than not, I sometimes brush away the idea of getting back to school thinking that I might not be able to juggle it with my already busy daily life.

But I also realized that even though you have a family and you are working, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your education. Many people manage to pursue their learning endeavors while still keeping everything else in balance. It takes a lot of organization and work to make it work, but the benefits are not only a happy you, but also a happy family. Here are some of the best tips to help you juggle your commitments.
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How to Quickly Sell Your Property

The thought of selling your home could be a little overwhelming. Yet, with a little forward planning, you could easily sell your home to a buyer. Below are some informative tips on how to quickly sell your property.

how to quickly sell your property
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Hey, Hey!

Checking in just to say that, yup, I am this blog is still alive! :p I'm just busy working on some personal stuff but I promise to write a new post in the coming days. *fingers crossed*

Here I am, dancing all the stress away! Haha!

House of Lechon Manok at Little Manila

House of Lechon Manok at Little Manila

A couple of weekends back, Mark and I were invited to yet another Chef's Table gathering at Little Manila. Together with some media personalities and bloggers from the Filipino community here in Dubai, we got to sample the offerings of the restaurant's newest brand—House of Lechon Manok.

Workout of the Day: Bicep Workout

Regardless of what you're wearing, biceps are the most noticeable among the different muscle groups. And admit it, a pair of massive arms make you look strong. If you have nicely developed arms, people are going to know that you're always on top of your workout game. Besides, who doesn't want to have pumped guns, right?

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