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Level up your #PiattosTime and Win Exciting Prizes

Jack ‘n Jill Piattos, your favorite hexagonal potato crisps, entices you to level up your #PiattosTime for a chance to win gadgets and a Southeast Asian trip with the #PiattosTime Video Challenge.

The #PiattosTime Video Challenge encourages individuals to go beyond their usual habits and make their personal time more creative and enjoyable, all while enjoying their favorite Piattos flavors like Cheese, Nacho Pizza, Roadhouse BBQ, Roast Beef, and Sour Cream & Onion.

Yes, I have PCOS and Here are 5 Things that I'd Like You to Know

I have mentioned in a couple of posts about my battle with PCOS, and if you follow me on Instagram, it was just recently that I have somehow opened up about it and how I had been working on eating and living healthy.

I have been struggling with PCOS for more than four years now. I used to have regular periods and not a single issue during that time of the month, until stress took its toll on me. And then, poof! My ovaries went crazy.

PCOS Awareness

I haven't been that open about my condition as I've always thought it's a personal matter which shouldn't be divulged online for everybody to feast in. But along with a number of questions brought about by my subtle revelation in my online posts, when I look back and think about how some people have been rude to me (intentionally or not) over the past years, it suddenly got into my senses that still a lot of people are unaware of how big of a battle PCOS really is.

And since September is PCOS awareness month, it's but fitting to let you know my thoughts. I will not go into the scientific and medical explanations about what PCOS is, as I am no expert and Google would be very handy for that, but I'd like to share my own experiences. Yes, I am a PCOS fighter, and here's what I (and I'm sure all women battling with PCOS), would like you to know.

Quick Bites: Debonairs Pizza

I usually cook on weekends, Fridays specifically, if we got no plans of going out. But last weekend, our flat was scheduled for pest control and we were not allowed to use the kitchen, so I was already prepared to eat out or order food online.

It's as if the universe knew of our struggle and sent Debonairs Pizza to the rescue! :p It's a lucky coincidence that I received a mail and call from Debonairs Pizza that same day. And in no time, two boxes of large piping hot pizzas were delivered right at our doorsteps.

Olive Oil: All-Day Dining Restaurant in Jumeira Rotana

Mark and I were invited to grace the launch of Olive Oil, Jumeira Rotana’s new all day dining restaurant, a couple of weeks back. While the hotel was unfamiliar to us and was a bit of a struggle to get to (it's tucked in 2nd December Street in Satwa, with all the traffic especially since it's rush hour), the restaurant was easy to find as it's located on the ground floor of the hotel.

Where to stay in Thailand: The Great Residence Hotel, Bangkok

Most of you may have already known that I'm no longer based in Abu Dhabi. Yes, I just recently transferred to Dubai and as mandated by the UAE government, a change of visa entails an exit from the country. And so there, just a couple of weeks ago, I just came back from an unexpected week-long trip to Thailand, and that's what I'll try to share with you. Please don't get bored.

I was notified that I had to exit the country just a day before my visa expiration, so I had to book my flight and hotel in no time. Since it's an unexpected trip which is definitely not part of our budget, I rummaged the internet for the lowest fares and a number of low-cost carriers like Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, American Airlines, and EasyJet, to name a few, came into the picture.

Also, since I was pressed for time, and it was my first time to visit Thailand, Kriska suggested that staying in a hotel close to Bangkok airport, with airport transfer service if possible, is the most convenient option. Keeping that in mind was what made us decide to book a room at The Great Residence Hotel.

Kriska Cooks: 3-Ingredient Chicken and Broccoli Stiry Fry

I already shared the recipe of Chicken Broccoli before, and it has been what I'm following whenever Mark would request for Chicken Broccoli. But since we started following the low-carb high-protein diet, I decided to tweak the recipe a bit.

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