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Chawlas2: A Taste of Punjab in Dubai

A couple of weekends back, Mark and I got to experience a culinary journey to Punjab—in Chawlas2 at Jumeriah Lake Towers (JLT). Being in Chawlas2 is like stepping into Punjab, which is what the restaurant promises. I haven't been to India, so I can't really tell, but there's one thing that's definitely true—Mark and I enjoyed our dining experience at Chawlas2!

3 Things to Consider Before Renting a Villa for Your Vacation

Villa rentals have become an increasingly popular choice of accommodation for travelers, especially amongst those who enjoy to travel with their family or with a large group of people. There are many reasons as to why renting a villa can be better than a hotel or other form of vacation accommodation; firstly, villas are more private and offer you more space of your own, and secondly, they tend to offer more of a ‘home from home’ experience with amenities such as your own kitchen and lounge which can make your stay more comfortable in general. But, when renting a villa, there are a number of things which you should take into consideration in order to ensure that you choose wisely.


When looking at villa rentals for your next vacation, it’s important to consider the location of the villa in relation to the center of town and the places that you would like to visit on your destination. Although you can get many villas which are located in close proximity to tourist activities and attractions such as local beaches, bear in mind that many villa rentals tend to be located off the beaten track and therefore are only suitable for travelers who will have their own vehicle or don’t want to stray far. Work out exactly where your chosen villa is located before you commit, as this can save any issues down the line.


Although many travelers opt for a villa due to the fact that they offer more privacy, it’s important to double check that your vacation home is going to be as private as you expect for the duration of your trip. Depending on the type, price and location of the villa, you may find that you’re sharing a pool area with the neighboring home, for example, or rather than a villa, the property is divided into apartments. If a fully private villa that’s separated from everybody else is what you want for your trip, be sure to do plenty of research beforehand in order to make sure that that’s what you get.


Not all villa rentals are created equal, therefore if you’re looking for a Costa Rica house rental, for example, it’s essential to make sure that they offer all of the amenities that you need for your stay. For example, if you have children, be sure to opt for a child-friendly villa which offers things such as a child’s bedroom, toys, and a safer general environment for you to bring your little ones to stay. On the other hand, many villas offer extra perks such as a ‘honeymoon suite’ for newlyweds, room service and cleaning services, and more in order to ensure that your trip is comfortable and enjoyable. However, don’t expect all of this to be available from every villa, as often, the amenities that you get will be dependent on the price that you pay.

So there, when it comes to choosing the perfect villa for your vacation, these are a few things to consider.

Miyabi Palm Jumeirah Hosts Celebratory Dinner & Introduces A New Menu

In celebration of the one year anniversary of its Palm Jumeirah branch, Miyabi Sushi & Bento welcomed guests on Nov 28th for an evening of fun and laughter, accompanied by the powerful voice of recognized singer Nya Crea and a sneak peek into the new and upcoming menu.

Dubai Garden Glow: The World's First Unique Glow Theme Park

Early this year, our dear friend, Kristel, visited Dubai. We haven't seen each other for quite some time so we made sure to allot time to show her around the city. Since our schedule's won't permit, Mark and I only had a day to spend with her. After a sumptuous brunch, we headed to Dubai Garden Glow.

We also haven't visited the place when it opened last December, and because it was just near our place. we decided to give it a go on their first season.

Burger Fix at Beeffalo

I first learned about Beeffalo from my mom. She frequents this restaurant together with her friends and she has been raving about their burgers. I also got to know about Beeffalo through one of my blogger friends back in the Philippines who also happens to live in my hometown. Finally got to try it out when I went home for vacation a couple of weeks back. Dined here with my mom and dad for some burger fix. :D

Feel-Good Food at Chimara Feel Good Kitchen

It was around August when I received an invitation via email to try out Chimara Feel Good Kitchen. Not finishing the entire email, I searched over the net to check the restaurant's whereabouts, only to find out that it's in the Philippines. Glad that they accommodated my request to have it rescheduled in time for my vacation. :)

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