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Quick Bites: Chicken Biryani and Chai from Buzz Adda

I always thought that I should only post reviews here in my blog if I get to eat in the actual restaurant, so I can point out more specific details not just about the food but also about the restaurant as a whole—ambience, service, dining experience, and all—but then again, I realized how it would be unfair to curb my excitement to share something good or to cover up for some bad experience by just keeping silent.

What if what I just ate was really great or what if I experienced a fast delivery or a commendable service? What if what I ordered was different from what was actually served or delivered? I know I can just post it on Zomato, but I feel the need to have it reach as many people as possible, so I thought this blog would be a good venue (although I think I only have a handful of avid readers haha!). And hey, this is my blog so I can post whatever I want, and besides, some of the food that I had were really amazing to just be sitting in my camera roll and not being shared.

Chicken Biryani  - AED 22

Moshi: Momo & Sushi

I first knew about Moshi when it first opened its doors in Al Barsha 1 last year, as it gained attention fairly quickly among the Dubai foodies that I follow online. I was meaning to check the place out but it was far from where I live, so imagine my delight when just this year, they recently opened a new branch in Oud Metha, which is just a few minutes away from my place.

Authentic Indian and Parsi Dishes at Kebab Bistro

Was invited at Kebab Bistro to try out their Parsi buffet, a couple of weeks back. Situated at the rather quiet part of Al Karama, behind Karama GPO, is an unassuming little restaurant. We arrived a little past lunch time but the place is still packed with families and groups of friends.

Nutridiet Quick Weight Loss: Yay or Nay?

My 52-kg self suddenly vanished ever since I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years back. Since then, I'd been struggling to get back to my old weight. I must admit that I was at the peak of giving in to all the fad diets which promise quick weight loss, but Mark would always talk me out of the idea.

So when I got an email from Nutridiet wanting me to try their products out, although I was excited, I was more of hesitant as Mark might not allow me. I showed him the site without expecting a positive response, but I was more than delighted when he gave me the go signal! He just made it clear that I only get their Moderate Weight Loss Program. :p

Royal Iftar at Aseelah in Radisson Blu Deira

I haven't been to a lot of Iftar feasts this year, too bad my schedule didn't permit. I had no choice but to turn down Iftar invitations, but I also made sure not to miss one that has always been close to my heart. And so for our last Iftar this Ramadan, Mark and I got back to where we first experienced an Iftar like no other—a Royal Iftar in no less than Radisson Blu in Deira.

The World's Best Islands for a Relaxing Escape

If someone asked me to name my top 5 most memorable holiday destinations, the entire list would consist of islands. There's something about island hopping that makes you feel like you're really on an adventure. Maybe it’s the enveloping coastline that wraps around a mini-eco system, the ocean breeze that sweeps in, the combination of beaches and forests, or maybe it's the secluded atmosphere that does the trick. But not all islands are the same (some aren't that great, actually), so here's my top 5 for the world's best islands for a relaxing escape:

1. Bali
If you're talking scenic beauty and the diversity of the landscape, there are few islands that can compete with Bali. Fantasy world beaches, volcanic mountains covered in lush greenery, Sumatran elephants, and amazingly majestic pagodas give this heavenly Indonesian island a unique look that is hard to forget. The best time to visit is between the months of April and October, if you intend to stay dry, as the rest of the year is considered the wet season. However, the climate varies between 80 and 95 degrees year-round, so if you don't mind the precipitation you can find cheaper flights during the wet season. I packed my Salsa Rimowa suitcase full of rainwear and had a great 3-week holiday in Bali during the off season for a fraction of what I would've paid had I gone in mid-April.

2. Bora Bora
Contrary to the phonics of the name, Bora Bora, is anything but boring. When you're approaching the island, either via plane or boat, it literally looks like you're traveling back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. This exotic island in the Southern Pacific is home to some of the world's most relaxing beaches lined with thatched-roof huts that sit suspended over the turquoise clear waters below. White sand beaches combine with jungles and mountains to make this place a must see.

3. Santorini
Of all the islands in the Mediterranean, I'd have to say that Santorini is my favourite by far. The people here have done an amazing job of preserving their culture and architecture for thousands of years, and the local Greek cuisine is on par with the best food ever. Red sand beaches, stunning views of the Aegean Sea, and the ancient remains of Akrotiri and Thira make this place a popular honeymoon destination.

4. Maui
If you're thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii, the island of Maui would be your best bet for relaxation without complete isolation. Unlike Lanai, there are enough accommodations scattered about to keep you comfortable, yet it's not as busy as Oahu. Snorkelling, nature tours, and walks on the beach in Maui are some of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can do on this planet.

5. St. Kitts
The twin islands of Nevis and St. Kitts in the Caribbean are some of the most luxurious tourist destinations on Earth. Nevis is the more relaxed of the two, while St. Kitts is home to more hospitality and entertainment venues like hotels and restaurants. It's nice to have quick access to the hustle and bustle of St. Kitts while still being secluded enough to relax on Nevis.